Cybersecurity Industry

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a hot concept in the stock market this year, poised to have a significant impact on all sectors.

Medialink Group (2230.HK)

Medialink Group (2230.HK) is one of the few listed companies in Hong Kong that positions itself as an intellectual property management company.

Cathay Pacific (293.HK)

Cathay Pacific Airways (293.HK) announced on August 9 its interim results for 2023, turning from loss to profit.

BYD Company (1211.HK)

BYD (1211.HK) announced its interim results, with revenue increasing by 72.72% year-on-year to RMB 260.12 billion, and profit attributable to shareholders being RMB 10.95 billion, an increase of 204.68% year-on-year.

HK Hotel Industry Analysis

 The number of tourists visiting Hong Kong is rapidly increasing  Currently, the valuations of Regal Real Estate Investment Trust (1881.HK), Great Eagle Hotels (201.HK), Langham Hospitality Investment (1270.HK), and Sino Hotels (1221.HK) are all below their pre-pandemic levels  Considering their return to normal valuations and expected dividend rates, Langham Hospitality Investment (1270.HK) is the most noteworthy

Nuclear Power Industry Analysis

Nuclear power plays a crucial role in the 2050 carbon neutrality roadmap ▪ The Chinese government plans to reach an operating and installed capacity of approximately 200 million kWe for Chinese nuclear power by 2035 ▪ CGN Power Corporation (1816.HK) is worth noting

China Carbon Neutral Development Group Limited (01372.HK) – Carbon credits are the next digital gold


Lessons from the Past – The USD’s Status After the Afghan War


CITIC Telecom International (1883.HK) – Small but a 5G Winner (Traditional Chinese)


Fire Rock Holdings (1909.HK) Hong Kong Stock Connect Candidate (Traditional Chinese)